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For Projects

Connect your wallet

  • Tap “Connect” in the top right corner
  • You will receive a prompt to sign in with your Metamask or other wallet account

Creating Your Campaign

  • Click “Create” in the navigation bar, which will bring you to the Project Creation page

  • Select the coin that you’d like to airdrop

    • You must hold the tokens and/or NFTs that you wish to send in your connected wallet
    • Select your preferred token or NFT from your wallet that will be used for the airdrop
  • Fill out the required forms in section one, everything with an asterisk is required)

  • This includes campaign name, token/NFT selection, thumbnail, campaign description, and website

Find Your Users

  • Scroll down to Section 2 (“Set Up Users”) and enter the required information. You will have two methods to choose from, which can be utilized simultaneously:

    • Dynamic List (“Search for Users”): Create a list of requirements to decide who will be eligible for the campaign (you are not required to hold the tokens and/or NFTs that you choose in this step)

      1. By default, the Automated Matching Engine (AME) is set to the “ANY” function, in which targeted users can hold any of the selected requirements to qualify.
      2. You may choose to switch to the “ALL” function,in which targeted users must hold all of the selected requirements to qualify.
    • Static List: Import a predetermined list of wallets to be eligible for your campaign This can be your project’s current user base, event attendees, or any specific individuals you would like to reward

  • Press the “Run Query” button, which may take up to five seconds to load. During this time, the AME will search the blockchain for qualified wallets

Set Limitations

After running a query or uploading a CSV file, you will be able to:

  • Choose the maximum number of tokens/NFTs allocated to each user
  • Select the number of users with the “Reach” input, or simply use the slider below
  • The AME will indicate the total number of tokens or NFTs based on the above inputs

Launch Your Campaign!

Once the above information has been entered, you will be ready to launch your drop!

KaratDAO will redirect to the Edit Campaign page, where you can adjust your campaign.

You won’t be able to edit the contract or query parameters once it has launched.

Note: Don’t worry if you’ve selected too large of an amount – you can easily pause or terminate the campaign at any time. KaratDAO does not take ownership of your tokens/NFTs for your campaign.