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For Users

Get rewarded for your on-chain interactions in four quick steps:

Connecting your wallet (using Metamask)

  • Tap “Connect” in the top right corner
  • You will receive a prompt to sign in with your Metamask or other wallet account

Profile Page

  • This will redirect to the profile page, which contains a dashboard displaying your token and NFT holdings, wallet connections, and transaction history
  • Further down on the profile page, you will see which campaigns you are qualified to claim
  • The number of qualified drops that you are eligible for will depend on both the types and amounts of your tokens/NFT holdings, wallet connections, and transaction history

Project Details

  • Clicking on your desired campaign will take you to the Projects Page, from which you can learn more about the campaign owner and eligibility requirements
  • This page will display how many tokens and/or NFTs you are eligible for, current value, total supply, and how many have been distributed thus far

Claiming Your Drops

  • Tap the “Claim” button, which will bring up the Metamask transaction pop-up. You must sign this transaction to complete your claim (this step contains a gas fee)
  • After signing for the transaction, the claimed tokens or NFTs will be transferred to your wallet