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Karat empowers all blockchain projects and innovative Web3 adventurers by providing a platform to access and sort valuable blockchain data. Projects can build specific Dapps and Web3 tools for one or more groups of users that have overlapping behaviors on the blockchain, and can simultaneously upload a CSV of pre-selected addresses for private sales and claims.

There are two main targeting options for projects to utilize –

Internal rewards: Projects can reward brand loyalty via CSV upload of pre-selected wallet addresses and utilize our smart contract generator to immediately launch campaigns targeting these users.

Outward Rewards: Project can discover and reach new individuals outside of an existing user-base via the querying/indexing function. For example, one strategy that leverages the power KaratDAO’s proprietary Automated Matching Engine (AME) is that of a Vampire Attack, in which on-chain data from similar projects can be indexed in order to obtain high-value wallet addresses to identify users most likely to engage with your project.

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